About the Nyala

Fallow Deer have extremely good vision and can see even the tiniest details at great distances. They live in a range of climates from cool to humid, as well as warm and dry areas. They can survive in forests, grasslands, woodlands, low mountains, and savanna. As a social species, Fallow Deer roam in groups, which are usually divided into two - males in one group, and females and fawns in the other group. They are primarily active at nighttime, with peak activity times at dusk and at dawn.

Height 2'6" to 3'2" (at the shoulder)
Weight 66 to 220 pounds
Diet Grasses, herbs, leaves, shoots
Gestation Period 8-9 months
Life Span 12 to 25 years
Threats Natural predators, poaching, habitat loss

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